KNOWIT, Collaborative Platform for Intelligence.

Knowit is a collaborative platform that supports the entire process of intelligence, managing the information flows in a simple way and adapted to the different needs of organizations, providing support in decision-making at operational and strategical levels.



  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowing the environment
  • Identify opportunities and threats
  • Improve decision making


  • Increase competitiveness
  • Cost reduction
  • Innovation in product and services
  • Improve information flow and utilization

Main features


Share information within the organization


Administrator, coordinator, source manager, analyst and reader.


It fits any device: smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, smart-tv.


Total system autonomy after implementation and training.

No limits

Unlimited number of sources and users.


Easy to extend and scale within organizations.

More features

Information sources

  • All kind of sources: Webs, Social networks, Patents, reports,...
  • Easync tool for Web scraping.
  • Integrated filters.
  • Create personalized news.

Dissemination and use of information

  • Dissemination by RSS or customized email alerts.
  • Repository of information with indexing and search.
  • Newsletters.

Information analysis

  • Status workflow: pending, approved, rejected, read later.
  • Tagging, rating and comments.
  • Reassign news.
  • Send news.

System health and quality

  • Information quality.
  • Source errors.
  • Analyst tracking.
  • Tag cloud.
  • Controlling use of the tool.



It Consist of one site or workgroup designed to meet the needs of SMEs, Micro SMEs or organizations wishing to do intelligence in a systematic way.


Consist of several related sites or workgroups, considering the needs of large organizations as business groups, large companies...

Infrastructure Topology


Deployed in the cloud according to customer needs, facilitating access, management and maintenance at fixed price.


Deployed in Microsoft Office365 infrastructures, enabling self- management, in a pay per use billing model.


Implanted in customer infrastructure according to their needs, enabling self- management.

Getting started

The platform implementation includes consultancy for setting strategy, workgroups, information flows, sources, as well as the required training for different roles.

After start up and during the first year, the implementation is monitored to ensure proper operation.


About us


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